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TREVIPARK® works very easily and quickly. It is underground, but the there is no need for the owner to enter the underground car park as the system is entirely mechanised and the car is left at the surface.

The platform on which the car is left, activated by a personal magnetic card, makes it descend into the underground, from which the car will then return back to the surface, always automatically. In case of lost card, no problem: by press the dedicated button, it is possible to remotely speak with the staff in the surveillance and help centre.

Once the acknowledgement is ascertained, it is possible to retrieve the car. We can surely state that the simplicity and the speed offered by TREVIPARK are definitively winning features versus any other feature characterising any other traditional car parking system. No more difficult manoeuvres in narrow spaces; no more pain in trying to find the level and the car stall where we had previously parked our car; now "it's the car" which goes back to us.

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